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Benefits Count in a Candidate-Driven Market

Benefits Count in a Candidate-Driven Market

A recent survey has shown that 96% of employees would take a pay cut for a permanent work from home opportunity. Of course, you could argue that the employee would be saving money anyway by cutting the commute and the daily trip to a high street coffee shop, but there is far more to it than that!

Lots of employee’s feel more productive at home, more focussed and have a better work/life balance. For that, they would be willing to take a pay-cut.

We are currently in the midst of a candidate-led market, where attracting and securing the right talent is more challenging than ever. Employers are increasing salaries to keep employees, offering flexible hours and counter offers are now pretty standard as well.

Now more than ever, your brand and benefits matter.

We are absolutely seeing candidates drawn to the wider reward package and future career package, rather than just the salary. And there are some fantastic benefits out there – from weekly lunch allowances, well-being days and music streaming memberships to high pension contributions and private medical insurance.

Work from home (WFH) and hybrid working is now a top priority for candidates looking for their next role. Flexibility is key.

If you are looking to find your next team member in this market – look at your brand, culture and benefits package. If you are advertising your job as a “Fantastic opportunity”, ask yourself why? What makes you stand out from your key competitor and the firm next door?

Remember, benefits should be exactly that!

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